Out-of-the-box functionality for a growing number of collaborative robot applications using Robotic Material’s smart hand. Our hand contains all the perception and computation that is necessary to solve a large variety of manipulation tasks and takes control of standard collaborative robot arms and autonomous mobile carts.

The hand is fully programmable using RM Studio, a browser-based interface supporting bot a graphical and a script-based interface (Python). SmartHand does not require any external sensors to implement a series of high-value applications ranging from assembly to restocking. All applications can be configured and programmed in RM Studio, with slected features are available as plug-in (URCap) for the Universal Robots series, allowing users to stack powerful autonomous primitives into complex robotic applications in the environment of their choosing.

   Assembly Choose from a variety of peg-in-hole insertion behaviors (round, rectangular, as well as standard connections including USB and RJ-45).
 Bin picking Pick random objects as small as a M3 screw and as large as a toner cartridge from a bin. 
Object recognition Identify and label objects on the table, in a bin or in a shelf using deep convolutional neural networks.  


Pick and Place Define source and target area and let your robot pick any object in the source area and move it to the target area. Our pick-and-place and bin picking application is also available as a plug-in (URCap) for the popular Universal Robots collaborative robotic arm. 


 Restocking and palletizing Identifies open spaces in shelves and bins and aligns items in one or more layers.

As our product is still developing fast, SmartHand is currently only available as a beta version. Request a quote today to receive yours and contact us to obtain a complete mobile manipulation solution based on SmartHand, a Universal Robot UR5 and a MIR-100 autonomous cart or if you need a specific solution to address your business vertical.



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