Out-of-the-box functionality for a growing number of collaborative robot applications using Robotic Material’s smart hand. Our hand contains all the perception and computation that is necessary to solve a large variety of manipulation tasks and takes control of standard collaborative robot arms and autonomous mobile carts.

Our smart hand in a single-arm (Universal Robot, UR5), mobile cart (Canvas technology) configuration, performing mobile bin-picking and delivery in a toner recycling plant. 

All applications are fully configurable from a web browser using either a graphical (Blockly) or a language-based interface (Python) and do not require any external sensors. Each application also comes with an API, providing seamless integration into user code. Check out our video gallery for more examples.


 Pick and Place Define source and target area and let your robot pick any object in the source area and move it to the target area.


   Assembly Choose from a variety of peg-in-hole insertion behaviors (round, rectangular, as well as standard connections including USB and RJ-45).
   Machine tending Operate buttons, knobs, and sliders. Place and remove workpieces relative to physical features and 2D.
   Bin picking Pick random objects from a bin. Train a classifier using our cloud service for object identification.