Smart finger for Kinova Jaco


A single smart finger for the Kinova Jaco arm.

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Smart finger for the Kinova KG-2 and KG-3 grippers (Jaco and Mica)┬ácontaining one-point proximity/contact/force sensing at the finger’s geometric contact point. The finger is made of PLA and replaces the original Jaco finger. The replacement finger consists of two parts held together by a M3 screw and nut, which makes the replacement very simple (no need to disassemble the entire hand). The finger is interfaced via a five-wire ribbon cable connecting to a Teensy LC, which connects to USB. Each Teensy LC can drive up to two fingers (KG-2). If you wish to mount three fingers (KG-3), please order 2+1 fingers.


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1, 2