The Robots You
Are Looking For

Material handling redefined. Lean.

Move. All-in-one material handling solution

Setup even large warehouses in a few minutes and define waypoints for all relevant stations in your manufacturing process.

The robot can drive around by itself, stops when it encounters a human, and automatically avoids obstacles.

Load the robot’s main cargo area, have the robot drop or retrieve its companion cart throughout the environment, or even load and unload itself.

Setup. Reconfigure your autonomous helpers within minutes

Robotic Materials RMStudio™ allows you to define an arbitrary number of dashboards with custom, color-coded buttons for your workers to trigger the GPR™‘s tasks on a tablet computer.

RMStudio™ automatically generates complex action sequences from the part acquisition, transportation, and manipulation skills that you configured, allowing the robot to perform complex multi-task action sequences without programming.

No need to learn a graphical programming language or coding.

Pick. Most advanced part acquisition algorithms in the industry

From standard bin picking to retrieving items from pallets or shelves with or without previous knowledge of an object’s shape or appearance.

Choose from a growing number of skills and configure your application using a simple wizard. Use Robotic Materials’ SmartHand™ or any grasping solution currently on the market.

No need for overhead vision systems or auxiliary structures.

Place. Industry-first assembly capabilities

In addition to simple random placing, use simple wizards to configure desired part orientation, and choose from a number of assembly behaviors such as spiral- or tilt-insert. Define force and torque limits to ensure robust assembly of your components.

Use our assembly routines as is or using your custom jigs to increase robustness.

Why try a GPR™ at your facility?

Reduce Cost

Robot hours are substantially cheaper than human hours in most industries

Increase Efficiency

Get more out of your existing workforce and use humans for what they are best

Improve Safety

Allow humans to stay where it is comfortable and safe

Improve Monitoring

See where your robots are and what they are loading anytime and track their performance

Fast Implementation

Setup your robots or adapt to changing requirements within minutes, not days

Cloud Powered

Connect to the cloud to have your robots learn new skills every day

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