Put your shop-floor on auto-pilot

Model your workflow on a map-view of your facility, create dashboards for workers to trigger tasks on a tablet computer, and visualize historical data gathered from your machines. RMStudio™ is the only “robot-native” MES solution that allows you to seamlessly integrate IIoT, robotics and automation into your workflow, yet will get you started in a few minutes.

Spatial Setup

A manufacturing process is represented by stations on a map of your facility, routes that work-in-process can take, and operations workers or machines perform.

Change or add new processes in a few minutes, and you are ready to record data and take control of your workflow.


Dashboards are automatically generated from your process. Buttons mirror the actual processes at your station and allow your workers to feed the system with real-time updates.

You can also create custom reports for each station that allow your workers to keep track of quality issues, machine malfunctions or anything else that helps you maximize customer value.

Kanban View

RMStudio™ models your lots via digital “Kanban” cards that travel through your process whenever a user presses a button, an IIoT device senses an event, or a machine completes its job.

Use the Kanban view to track your work-in-process, identify wait time and bottlenecks, and to import orders by copy-and-pasting them from your spreadsheet or directly from your ERP or into your shipping system.

Data visualization and process analytics

Record events throughout your manufacturing floor via dashboard entries, your machines, and IIoT devices. Visualize cycle times, quality reports, machine utilization, throughput and efficiency to devise optimization strategies.

Growing with you

Use statistical data from your operation to make informed decisions about 3rd party robotics, automation, and vision systems that seamlessly integrate into RMStudio™ and will help you decrease process variance, gather additional data, and save labor.


  • Setup in minutes
  • Use your own tablets, iPhones, and desktop PCs
  • Deploy process changes in real-time
  • Cloud or on-premise solution for maximum functionality
  • High adoption rate from employees
  • Integrate with existing MRP, ERP and CRMs via API
  • Only pay for actual usage

Success Stories

See how an apparel manufacturer tracks his work-in-process, streamlines contract work, and increases overall efficiency.

See how an electronics manufacturer gathers real-time data for continuous improvement and integrates autonomous material handling into their process.



Per end-point, up to 10 end-points, including 3 hardware end-points, online support



Per end-point, up to 25 endpoints, 10 hardware endpoints, AI solutions, advanced support



Per end-point, unlimited endpoints  (25 minimum), unlimited hardware  endpoints, advanced features,  AI solutions, personal support