Autonomous Mobile Manipulation

Robotic Materials Inc.’s GPR-1™ is the first fully autonomous, mobile general purpose manufacturing helper. Built from best-in-class components such as the MIR-100 cart and the Universal Robot’s UR5 e-series, the GPR-1™ is build to perform and last.

RM Inc.’s SmartHand™

The patent-pending SmartHand™ houses the brain of the GPR-1™ and is providing the robot with eye-in-hand perception and GPU-accelerated computing via a Nvidia Jetson TX2. Being able to perceive objects from as close as 11cm, SmartHand™ is able to perceive and accurately grasp objects as small as a M3 screw.

By accurately controlling the force of each individual finger, SmartHand™ is also able to gently handle objects, for example picking up a strawberry without squishing it.

The sky is the limit

The GPR-1™ is also available with a built-in Nvidia Jetson Xavier, that provides desktop-level GPU computing, allowing the GPR-1™ to learn by itself without being connected to the cloud.

Large variety of available end-effectors

While RM Inc.’s SmartHand™ serves a wide variety of needs, the GPR-1™ can be configured with a wide variety of end-effectors, including suction and soft grippers.


Up to 10h continuous operation before charging


Lift up to 5kg and load up to 50kg

Manipulation Range

Pick up items as small as 5mm and as large as 10cm with RM’s SmartHand