Our Team

Nikolaus Correll
CEO and Founder

Nikolaus has 20+ years experience in building large-scale distributed robotic systems from swarms of hundreds of miniature robots to teams of robots performing complex mobile manipulation. He is an alumni of ETH Zurich, EPFL and MIT.

Austin Miller
Lead Engineer

Austin is leading engineering at RM Inc. A CU Boulder alumni, Austin is the lead developer of our SmartHand, for which he received the Presidential Award from the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Kalervo Hyyppa
Product Development Lead

Kalervo is leading product development. An alumni of Clarkson University, Kalervo gained valuable experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry and makes sure our solutions meet the key performance indicators in the field.

Davis Robertson
Research and Development Lead

Davis is leading research and development including perception, machine learning and cloud integration. Davis has a degree in mechanical engineering from CU Boulder and shares the JSME President’s award with Austin.

Rob Lewis
Robotics Engineer

Rob leads the development of RM Inc.’s smart skin and is responsible for our products to safely operate closely with humans. Rob holds a degree from the University of Waterloo.

William Fagan
Growth Manager

Will leads business development with a focus on customer acquisition and relationship management with current contacts. He has a B.S. in Business Management from CU Boulder.

Justin Baca

Justin is working on object recognition and pose estimation effort using Torch. He is an alumni of Colorado School of Mines.

James Watson

James leads our efforts in autonomous assembly, closely working together with NIST. James is an alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the University of Utah. James pursues a PhD in Computer Science at CU Boulder while working at RM.

Doug Rhoda

Doug is a serial entrepreneur and industry veteran in robotics. In addition to serving on RM’s advisory board, Doug is chairman of Vectis automation.

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