Gather data from your manufacturing floor and configure your autonomous helpers

Model your workflow on a map-view of your facility, visualize historical data gathered from your machines and create dashboards for workers to trigger tasks on a tablet computer. RMStudio™ automatically generates complex action sequences from the part acquisition, transportation, and manipulation skills that you configured, allowing the robot to perform complex multi-task action sequences without programming. No need to learn a graphical programming language or coding.


Data visualization and process analytics

Record events throughout your manufacturing floor via your machines, RMVision™ and other RM products. Visualize machine utilization, throughput and efficiency to devise optimization strategies.


Model your process to create dashboards that your worker can use to trigger automatic processes or simply track their progress.

Semantic Planning

RMStudio™ is able to generate complex behaviors from user specified goals, and will automatically find alternative plans to work around problems the robots run into.