Gather data from your manufacturing floor and configure your autonomous helpers

Model your workflow on a map-view of your facility, visualize historical data gathered from your machines and create dashboards for workers to trigger tasks on a tablet computer. RMStudio™ is “robot-native” and allows you to seamlessly integrate IIoT, robotics and automation into your workflow.


Kanban View

RMStudio™ models your lots via digital “Kanban” cards that travel through your process. Define DBR, pull and other lean concepts to maximize your customers’ value.


Dashboards that allow your workers to move digital Kanban cards are automatically generated from your process. Features include splittable lot-sizes, quality reporting, Andon-lights, and access to basic statistics

Data visualization and process analytics

Record events throughout your manufacturing floor via dashboard entries, your machines, RMVision™ and other RM products. Visualize cycle times, quality reports, machine utilization, throughput and efficiency to devise optimization strategies.

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