Day: November 14, 2018

IEEE Spectrum: Robots Getting a Grip on General Manipulation

Robots Getting a Grip on General Manipulation How a new generation of grippers with improved 3D perception and tactile sensing is learning to manipulate a wide variety of objects By Nikolaus Correll Photo: Robotic Materials Inc.A gripper created by Robotic Materials Inc., founded by the author, Nikolaus Correll, performs a manipulation task during the industrial assembly […]

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TechCrunch: Robotic Materials makes robotics hands for factory environments

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RM/CU Boulder robotics team scores an award in Tokyo

 By Josh Rhoten from CU Boulder students and faculty won the President’s Award from the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers at the Industrial Assembly Challenge in Tokyo this week. The competition was part of the World Robot Summit, which was organized by the Japanese government. Sixteen teams from across the globe were asked to create a robotic system […]

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