Why making robotic manipulation harder than it is?

How important the sense of touch is for a human can be best understood by disabling it. This is an experiment Prof. Roland Johansson has conducted at the University of Umeå, Sweden, showing how much harder it is to light a match under local anesthesia of the sense of touch.

While it takes painfully long for the subject to light a match, humans are able to use their eyes to (partially) make up for the loss of touch. This is pretty much equivalent to the dominating paradigm in robotics, relying on RBG-B data and vision to plan motions for grasping. Yet, relying on visual sensors and AI that are far inferior than those of a human. Robotic Materials offers sensors that bridge this gap and provide proximity, contact and pressure information to make up for inaccurate visual perception and actuation. Contact us with your manipulation needs!

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